Bonsai Juniper Tree Zen Garden with Pool Fisherman 

Bonsai Juniper Tree Zen Garden with Pool Fisherman

This beauty from 9GreenBox is a living, breathing treasure of an American Juniper Tree in miniature.

Set with a Japanese fisherman figurine and an actual water flowing device, it attempts to combine the Zen quietness for meditation and the fulfilment of growing your own bonsai.

Smaller than most bonsai trees, it nonetheless exudes the same beauty and elegance.


  • No deliveries to be made on weekends and on Monday
  • Juniper tree is well adapted to most weather conditions and against pest and illnesses
  • Bonsai tree is best for cosmopolitan and space-restrictive areas
  • Set also comes in a seven inch clay bowl (may be delivered with a different color than what is shown), with small toys in form of a fisherman and a rocky mountain mini landscape


This cute bonsai is one playful way to combine fun and practical gardening. One customer even suggested this set as a gift rather than giving fresh bouquets. The customers are mostly satisfied with how effective the set works.

Packaging was done very well, with everything intact and fresh.

The Juniper tree was also received in good condition, weathering outdoor conditions, even in winter. The leaves are green and looked like needles, same as the untrimmed and unbonsai-ed Junipers.

Typically Junipers are very hardy trees, and there is every reason that with proper care and attention, this bonsai will survive for a good long time. One customer even left the tree with all its inner wrappings outdoors for two weeks and the poor tree survived, not that this practice is recommended, of course.

In addition, Junipers are known to be able to withstand cold weather. In many instances and reports by customers, the tree thrived to grow a healthy spread of dark green to yellow-green foliage.

The tree can be placed indoors, however it should be able to receive a lot of sunlight. Typically, it will need watering every two to three days.

Probably the most striking feature to this product is the Zen-like atmosphere that the toys try to emulate.

The product will be arranged beforehand, so it should look like this: a white bearded fisherman in an Oriental hat is displayed with a fishing rod, sitting on top of what looks like a range of small rugged, Japanese mountains, with a tiny ladder-like bridge.

It also includes a toy water fowl. Place it strategically and the whole scenario will look as if it is a scene right out of an old Japanese book. The “fishing hole” will be empty of water to prevent any mess in the shipment, so it will have to be filled up upon arrival to complete the whole look.

Most customers have appreciated this feature and have received the whole thing intact, without any problems at all. In addition, the product can be delivered across the United States. You can even choose to have it gift-wrapped.

Things to Be Aware of

Some problems do occur with the product and relate mostly to the figurines. One problem is that the set did not look similar to the one shown online. Another problem is that the fishing hole may not be able to hold water for long periods of time, leaking extra water into the plant.

This defect may adversely affect the bonsai’s overall quality, as watering the soil too much can result in poor health. You may do well to take note of this fact by simply choosing not to place water in it in the first place.

Some of the customers pointed out that the figurines arrived with the hand or the whole thing broken. Some did not receive the fisherman toy at all. In the end, one customer just opted out of the decor and re-potted the Juniper Bonsai tree. The tree survived, to no surprise, but the toys may not be appreciated by all customers.

Some less common complaints are related to the bonsai tree itself, being that it died after three months or so. Unfortunately, there is no background information on what was done to the tree before this happened, so this kind of information cannot be considered as completely valid as grounds for giving negative points on the tree.

Finally, there is an issue of limited shipment days, as the product will only be delivered four times a week.

Bottom Line

You may have to balance both views at this point. Whether you do not mind that many reviews were against the decorative side to the product or not, you will have to contend with paying the money.