Bonsai Kit Reviews

A Bonsai Tree for Beginners Chinese Elm Bonsai

We all appreciate how practicing the art of Bonsai has all kinds of stress relieving benefits and I have previously written posts about tree selection and bonsai tree care.

With that said, I thought it important to have a special review of the tool kits that are readily available because if you want to get into Bonsai in a meaningful way, you will need a proper Bonsai kit.

I’ve been doing some in-depth research and found three of the best value sets on the market. These will allow you to care for your Bonsai tree with the type of care it deserves. So let’s get started.

Yescom 35 PCS Bonsai Kit

Suited to: Bonsai tree beginners and those on a medium budget.

This Bonsai kit features everything you could possibly need to properly take care of your Bonsai tree. The kit includes 35 different tools, including a variety of scissors, cutters and tweezers. This is the type of tool set used by master bonsai gardeners who know just what kind of quality is necessary.

The tools are presented in a convenient folding kit bag and the supplier also includes a can of oil.

Aside from the number of tools, what makes this Bonsai tree kit so appealing is the fact that these tools are made out of high quality carbon steel.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about their durability even after extended periods of use. With that said, proper tool maintenance is always key, which is especially true with carbon steel.

Those who are just starting to get into the art of Bonsai will find this kit to be great value for the money. You get a great variety, which will definitely come in handy as you grow your Bonsai skills.

TianBonsai JTTK-05 Master’s Grade Bonsai Kit

Suited to: Those who want top quality; more advanced artists.

This Bonsai set comes with fewer tools than the Yescom kit, however the quality is on a whole different level.

TianBonsai is a highly respected well-known name in the business.

Professionals and serious enthusiasts around the world have used their Bonsai supplies and equipment for many years.

The kit comes in a nice folding case that you open using a large zipper. Inside, each of the seven tools sits snugly in its own pocket and includes the following:

  • Jin pliers,
  • Trunk splitters,
  • Branch cutters,
  • Round edge cutters,
  • Knob cutters,
  • Tweezers, and
  • A set of wire-cutters.

These beautiful tools are made using a combination of 3Cr13 and 5Cr15MoV stainless steels (if you’re a tech-head!).

When you take them out of the case, you will find that each of the tools comes pre-oiled from the factory. Tolerances are very good, they hold their edge very well and they feel like the quality product that they are.

The overall design is pretty simple but highly functional. With long handles, you can easily work with this tool set even if you have a pair of thick gloves on. Overall, while this might be a more limited set, there is no doubt that the quality definitely makes up for it.

Due to the high quality of materials used, this kit offers great resistance to rust and requires minimal maintenance. As an added bonus and for peace of mind, this kit also comes with a 3-year Quality Assurance.

Any issues during this period, just contact the supplier for a free replacement.

Voilamart Bonsai 14 Piece Tool Kit

Suited to: Those starting out and on a limited budget.

Lastly we have a pretty affordable set which is perfect for those beginners on a limited budget.

The Voilamart Bonsai tool kit comes with everything you could need to get started. There are 14 different tools in this set presented in a convenient folding zipper case to store them after use.

In terms of build quality, you are looking at all carbon steel construction and pretty tight tolerances right out of the box. All of the scissors are relatively sharp, so you won’t have to spend money sharpening them upon arrival.

Since the steel contains carbon, you will have to be extra careful when it comes to maintenance. Frequent use of oil is necessary. However it’s not supplied with the kit, unfortunately, so bear this additional cost in mind.

When it comes to value for the money, this kit may simply be too good to ignore. The tools included might not be suitable for real enthusiasts and professionals who may attend to several Bonsai trees every day, but they are certainly adequate for beginners.


Advancing skills in the art of Bonsai takes time, so patience is a must.

The tools that I have reviewed above should ensure that you have everything you need to practice the art of Bonsai properly and efficiently from the outset.

I’ve included two great carbon sets, one for beginners and one for advanced users, as well as a professional grade stainless steel set.

Whether you are just starting out or at a more advanced level, these kits certainly offer a solid foundation that you can build upon later.