Bonsai Tree Care For Beginners

I hope that watching this short Youtube video gives you as much pleasure as it gives to me!

It’s all about the beautiful Cherry Blossom Bonsai tree that is a real favorite among bonsai enthusiasts, both professional and newbies alike and a good mature example is always very much in demand.

You know, I am frequently asked by friends and family members what might at first appear to be a very simple question. That is:

“How do I choose a bonsai tree?”

There is no simple answer to this because the decision has to be a personal one. However, here is the general advice that I like to give.

Consider the location

First of all you would be well advised to think about where you want to grow your bonsai tree.

If you have a conservatory, orangery or a large bay window where you can place the tree, a sub-tropical or tropical species may be a good choice.

Some great indoor bonsai tree species include:

Olive, Fig, Jade, Pepper tree, Citrus, Crepe Myrtle and the beautiful and ever-popular Cherry Blossom.

If you prefer to grow your tree outside, then you may want to consider choosing a hardy species that can withstand seasonal weath­er changes. But always remember to protect your tree from frost!

Some lovely outdoor trees to consider include:

Japanese Box, Chinese Elm, Korean Hornbeam, Japanese Maples and Honey Suckle and Cotoneaster.

Tree selection

Since all trees differ in their individual facets and features, you need to look at the species that have the features you want.

While any plant or tree can be grown as bonsai, some trees are much better because they have desirable features that make them look appealing when they are pruned, shaped and potted. For instance:

  • Roses, Lilac, Azalea, Jasmine and Cherry Blossom Bonsai are great flowering plants
  • Pine, Box, Cypress and Giant Redwood make good evergreen varieties
  • Beech, Oak, Elm, Larch and Ash are popular deciduous trees to consider
  • Apple, Firethorns and Maples are good fruit varieties

Age of the tree

It is possible to buy a mature tree outright and continue the process of caring for it over the years to come.

These are beautiful works of art that adorn the home and will be admired by all your visitors, but these are usually expensive and you should have developed at least some basic bonsai knowledge and skills beforehand. Otherwise, you may put the tree at risk and ultimately lose it!

Alternatively, you can buy a ‘pre-bonsai’ plant of your choice and grow it into a beautiful mature bonsai. These are widely available for reasonable prices and this is how some new bonsai practitioners start out.

Do remember though that whilst it is certainly the case that seedlings, saplings, cuttings or grafts are cheap, they have a high failure rate, take years to develop and are not generally considered to be ideally suited for beginners.

Mature bonsai trees can be very expensive, depending on such variables as the species, the overall shape and the number of years over which the tree has been trained and cared for. But in my opinion, the right specimen is worth the price because it can be expected to enhance your home and be admired by everyone who visits.

Nearly Natural Cherry Blossom Bonsai Silk Tree

Growing bonsai trees is a great challenge that tests our design skills, artistic abilities and gardening prowess. It is a unique art form and an incredibly engaging hobby that has been kept alive over the centuries.

When you start on your bonsai journey there are several things to consider from the outset and you may not be too surprised to learn that most people go through numerous trees before they manage to keep a tree alive for a sustained period of time.

The art of Bonsai care has to be experienced first-hand in order to learn and, over time, perfect.

Whether you are just beginning or have been practicing it for years, bonsai cultivation is an incredibly rewarding experience and one that you should not miss out on just because the process may seem to be a long and laborious one.

I hope this article has been helpful and addressed some of the queries that you may have with starting out in bonsai and go some way to helping you buy a robust and healthy tree and have a wonderful time growing and maintaining it.

Good Luck!