Brussel’s Hawaiian Umbrella Tree: An Excellent Choice

Brussel’s Hawaiian Umbrella Tree: An Excellent Choice

When it comes to raising bonsai, there are several options which you could choose from, but one of the most common, and therefore, most popular types for bonsai is the Hawaiian umbrella tree. Bonsai, in general, have slowly picked up steam in terms of warm reception and popularity throughout the years—given that it is an innovative means of raising trees.

We are all accustomed to have them fully grown, and it’s just refreshing and mind-blowing to see them actually sized down and thriving in a pot. The Hawaiian umbrella tree is known for having unique features, and here are more reasons as to why this tree is one which is popular.

Exhibits tropical beauty

Actually native to the island country of Taiwan, the Hawaiian umbrella tree, has a unique kind of tropical feel to it, given that it grows naturally in a tropical country. When it comes to certain designs for homes, this is one of the single best choices you could possibly have.

There are people who are fond of integrating the “Asian” or “tropical” theme to their home or office designs, and one of the perfect ways to do so is to get a Hawaiian umbrella tree from one of the biggest nurseries for plants, Brussel’s.

Low maintenance

As with all other bonsai plants, the great thing about the Hawaiian umbrella tree is that it is very, very easy to maintain. All that it needs is light spraying of water every three to five days, and the soil on which it is planted on to be replaced every three to five years.

The latter step could even be skipped altogether, as a lot of these bonsai could pretty well survive without having their soil replaced.

Only 15 inches tall

This particular bonsai plant stands charmingly at 15 inches tall, thus making it perfect for either the home or the office. It can be used as a stylish table centerpiece, and it can also give a refreshing, bright green tone whenever desired. Fifteen inches, this is the typical height in which bonsai plants grow, and given that they are short, they are also light enough for moving from one point to another.

Provided by Brussel’s

Brussel’s is the biggest nursery there is for bonsai and other plants. The great thing about them is that they make use of a state-of-the-art greenhouse which makes sure that the plants are raised healthily.

The more well-tended the plant is in its early stages, the greater guarantee that it would last long, and this is one thing which you can be assured of when you buy them from the folks at Brussel’s.

Stylish and unique overall look

The  is one which is, apart from not being a hassle to raise, is one which is fuss-free in terms of maintenance. Moreover, it has stylish, shiny compact leaves which have a beautiful bright green color that makes it a great choice as an interior decoration.