Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree

Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree by Dallas Bonsai Garden

There are just so many plants you can make use of for decorative purposes, and one of the common choices you have is the Hawaiian umbrella tree. Bonsai allows you to enjoy the beauty of this tree without actually having to go out in the woods or the great outdoors.

Using the bonsai technique of growing plants, you are able to experience the beauty of nature in the comfort of your own home, as this particular technique in growing plants allows you to raise trees in a small pot inside your house, instead of the outside.

When it comes to picking the right kind of Bonsai, the Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is one of the best choices you could possibly have, and here are some of the reasons why:

14-18 inches long, grows in ceramic pot

It’s impressive to think that a tree which grows out to be so big could actually be made to grow in a pot. This is one of the things which makes bonsai a beautiful art.

A tree so big when allowed to grow out in nature turns into one which measures a mere 14 to 18 inches tall , thus allowing you to easily store them inside your home as a fixture in any room which may need decorations of any sort.

Great for bonsai beginners

The Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is one which is easy to take care of. There are few mishaps which an amateur bonsai plant owner could encounter while raising one, given that this plant is able to survive relatively harsher environments.

The Schefflera arboricola, the scientific name of the Hawaiian umbrella tree, is one which is not thorny (pun intended) to take care of.

Unique style

The Hawaiian umbrella tree is one plant species with a unique kind of style. Despite its name, it is actually native to Taiwan, and is popular there due to its aerial roots and its umbrella-like shape, which makes it relatively easier to identify.

The aerial roots make it look like it has several branches, and the umbrella shape which is formed by the leaves makes it have a character absent in other plants.

Easy to take care of

One of the greatest benefits of owning a bonsai tree is the effortlessness when it comes to taking care of it. There is no tedious trimming involved, no strenuous labor when it comes to making sure that there are no pests lurking, and most importantly, no daily watering needed.

Changing up the soil is ideally done every three to five years. Also, the Hawaiian umbrella trees which are sold are already 9 years old, old enough to make it low maintenance.

Lasts a lifetime

Trees have always been known for this. As a matter of fact, several trees have lasted millennia, and yet are still standing upright! This is one of the great things about bonsai. You can take care of them for as long as you live! Just make sure that you’re giving it the attention it needs.