Eve’s Small Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree Gift Kit

Eves Small Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree Gift Kit

Start your bonsai experience by getting this lovely set from Eve’s Garden, Inc.

It comes with everything a novice could ever need: a strong bonsai tree, plant food, a cute statue, a special pair of garden shears for bonsai and you can have it delivered to most states with a gift wrapper!

The actual bonsai tree is a Japanese Juniper, with perfectly thick, coniferous and needle-like leaves and sturdy branches, the exact variety of the dramatically contorted trees often portrayed in Japanese movies.


  • A convenient set that inlcudess a Japanese Bonsai Tree, one small booklet of instructions, one small bottle of fertilizer, one plastic figurine of a Japanese old man in traditional clothing (which may vary from one order to another), a pair of small garden scissors and one small ruler-sized ceramic pot
  • Outdoor Japanese Juniper Bonsai tree
  • Gift wrapping option available
  • Actual bonsai tree is around six years of age, height of nine to 11 inches, length of branch spread is six to eight inches
  • Two states cannot receive this shipment: California or Hawaii


Growing bonsais can be easy with this thoughtful package provided by Eve’s Garden. Learn the basics of the art of bonsai and practice your skills without the hassle of multiple purchases by buying this one product.

With the price it has that is far cheaper than other trees on the market, there will be no regrets! In addition, what the features do not show is that this comes with a special type of soil, one to maximize your bonsai’s growth for a lifetime.

Also, it has moss and pebbles for landscaping. Pruning is easy with this well-known bonsai tree due to its thick branch and leaf system. So, hone up on your bonsai pruning skills with this beauty!

Want to also try wiring on a bonsai? Place the wires while the tree is still young to get that old Japanese traditional look: twisted poses that display plenty of flair and drama. Just allow the deadwood to be cut off from the living part, to promote the look.

Living in the colder states of America should not discourage you. The best part is yet to come: the Juniper tree is also well-equipped to withstand chilly temperature differences. Although it grows best in sunny weather, it can live through winter, when freezing and below freezing conditions come. Welcome the leaves turning purple as it prepares for winter.

The tree itself is evergreen, meaning, they do retain their leaves throughout the year. Their leaves are needle-like, and they grow under direct exposure to the sun. Watering the plant means not putting in too much water, but the tree does love a bit of misty water spraying as well!

To put the cherry on the cake, you have the option of placing the decorative figurine on the tree, perfect for your garden party!

As a rule, most customers are satisfied with this purchase. The packages were received in good condition. One customer even complimented on the fact that it was delivered looking fresh out of the garden.

The trees are known to be very adaptable. One customer even mentioned the tree, as it was getting older, to be very resistant to most maladies commonly suffered by other bonsai trees. The tree, whether bonsai or not, is also resistant to pests when pruned carefully.

If you follow the rule of avoiding too dense of foliage and too much watering, you should not have a major problem with aphids, fungi infestation and the like.

Shipping and delivery was prompt and the plant was treated with very good packaging material, primarily composed of peanuts. The actual size and shape of the tree may vary, however as well as the color of the pots.

Things to Be Aware of

Probably the biggest disadvantage is that those living in California and Hawaii will not be able to receive the Japanese Juniper Bonsai tree. The former will be given a Dwarf Cypress variety instead, in compliance to the California Agricultural Restrictions.

Other customers pointed out some minor problems that are more based on the personal preference and less on the product performance.

It should be noted, however, that because of individualized characters of each Juniper tree as well as their training, they will never look the same as the picture shown in the advertisement.

In rare cases, this tree may get infected with fungi. Probably applicable not just to Japanese Junipers but also to all trees is the fact that this type will not be completely cured once they get this type of infection. You may have to burn the whole tree to prevent spreading the fungi to others.

Bottom Line

A great buy as a starter bonsai kit for most beginners and enthusiasts.